10 Ways to use social media to promote an event

This week I’ll be summarizing an article by Michael Stelzner called 10 ways to use social media to promote an event.

The article lists it’s points from 1-10 with a small summary of each number. Number 1 is create video people will share. Use it to drive people to your event. Number 2, give tickets away to create buzz. Use posts to inform and announce the winners. Number 3, Socialize your google ads. Use add extensions under google pages. Number 4, Interview speakers for special events. You can create great content that is valuable for all by simply interviewing your speakers. Number 5, create a group tips blog page. This is where you ask experts to contribute a short writeup on their favorite tip, tool or perspective on a specific topic. Number 6, create a special graphic for your speakers use an app to make a sign placing your speakers face on a sign. Number 7, create a tweet for attendees. Number 8, add a widget to your home page. Twitter has a widget tool that scrolls tweets for you. Number 9, create an event on Facebook to promote your event. Number 10, utilize facebooks FBX ad targeting. This allows advertisers to remarket to people who have visited specific non-Facebook Pages

I found this article helpful. None of the points said were bad in any way. I recommend this article for use of any aide needed.


By kucek12

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